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10.888 ERC-721 compatible, IPFS powered NFTs.

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You may now mint a random Mage of Spektral City. Join this magical world!
Special trait: Choose the alignment of your mage as long as it is still available!
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In addition to one Mage of Conjured Lands, you are eligible for a 1-to-1 art creative session with the founder of Mages of Conjured Lands, Amanda Devik. The customized pfp avatar Amanda creates with you will be exclusively minted in this collection and transferred to you. Please note that while the artist will be very flexible in the creation of your artwork, requests that might infringe copyrights and trademarks cannot be accomodated. Council Key: You will receive a special NFT that opens the door to being a very important part of the further developments of Conjured Lands.
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The Mages of Conjured Lands and Spektral City




The Conjured Lands were created as a protective realm that exists on Earth, invisible to the eyes of people who live without Magic. As the average man evolved, it became increasingly important for Mages to have a safe place to practice in private, free from persecution, while nourishing and honoring their connection with the Earth rather than exploiting it for its resources.

The Old Seers devised a special enchantment that would set up areas for Mages to congregate, live, and develop their craft. These areas may only be seen by people with latent Magic in their blood.

There are Good Mages that practice and cultivate White Magic, Evil Mages who focus on Black Magic, and adept Neutral Mages that can practice both light and dark arts. Alignment weighs in on what sort of items a Mage can use. Good Mages can use Good and Neutral items, Evil Mages may use Evil and Neutral items, while Neutral Mages may use any item type.

Spektral City is one of the most popular cities of the Conjured Lands and while there may be tension between Good and Evil Mages, they must coexist peacefully within the city walls. The High Council governs its citizens, and the Gate Keepers enforce the rules.

Join us in discovering Spektral City as a new Mage!


The Mages of Conjured Lands ERC-721 Ethereum Collectibles project evolved out of WitchyThings, an ERC-1155 project on OpenSea. We have been working on Mages since April 2021, and we are excited to offer these unique NFTs to the public!!!



  • The price to mint each Mage is 0.025 ETH.
  • Premium Minting is limited, costs 1 ETH.
    It includes a 1 on 1 discord call and screen-share with the artist as she works on your completely customized Mage! The only restriction is that you may not request to include exact items that are licensed to other companies — but you may create your own unique traits and magical items!

Unique Value Propositions

  • Users may mint up to 30 Mages at a time, and you will only be able to choose one alignment type per call to mint. If your desired alignment type sells out, you will have to check the secondary market on OpenSea.
  • There are 3 different, unique alignments: Good, Evil, Neutral.
    • Each alignment has some traits unique to that alignment! 10000 Mages available for public sale include 3000 Good, 3000 Evil, and 4000 Neutral Mages.
    • There are 888 Mages reserved for special quests, giveaways, competitions, and promotions
  • Council key: Holders of a minimum of 13 Mages will be granted a special key that will unlock a secret Discord channel for further project developments.

This project is unique! In addition to the alignment options, each trait was hand pixeled by Amanda Devik.


You will receive

  • your Mage ERC-721 NFT, as well as
  • access to the originally sized 135px .PNG of your Mage with a transparent background (you may use this to animate with pixel art editing software like Aseprite).
  • You will also get access to a transparent .SVG file to put your Mage on whatever you like! Give it a new background, put it on a t-shirt, mug, stickers, or use it for labeling your homebrew!

By the way: have you tried clicking on Poppi?

Some legal notes (check the terms below for the full version)

Mages may be used for any commercial purposes (with the exception of game development); do not use the art for creating a game as it may compete with future projects of Conjured Lands LLC. Please read our Terms. Holders will benefit from special access to private discord channels and be a part of future activities, events, and projects of the Conjured Lands. This includes airdrops, questing events, and more!
Come along for the adventure!


A very BIG THANK YOU to Preston!

Special Thanks to our Discord helpers:

  • Bishop Ben
  • 4thPerspective
  • fatbloke
  • potamus
  • SocratreesOfficial
  • CaptainJames

Thank you to Ronen Ness, for this amazing template.

Terms and Conditions

Unless specified otherwise, all content is (c) by Conjured Lands LLC and subject to the agreement as follows.

Any information on this webpage, twitter, discord or any other medium associated to Conjured Lands is not investment advice. Please DYOR.
We do not use remarketing or tracking cookies.

Mages of Conjured Lands Agreement: This Agreement is part of the Conjured Lands website usage agreement and is accepted by all Users of the website and related internet locations as a prerequisite to access. This Agreement is specific to the entities who become “Owners” of the Conjured Lands Mages (NFTs), either by direct purchase, gift or by subsequent transfer by a different “Owner”. “Owner” is defined as the entity (individual, company, etc.) who pays fees or other consideration for control and usage of any Conjured Lands Avatar. “Maker” is defined as Conjured Lands, LLC, who develops and creates the Mage(s). “Mage” is defined as any image or item created by Maker and released under the topic “Mage” to the general public or specific individuals. Owner of a Mage agrees that they will comply with the terms of this Agreement or such Mage may be either destroyed or transferred back to Maker, at Maker’s sole discretion without any compensation to Owner. Owner may freely transfer, sell or give Mage to any other third party and such transfer, sale or gift shall be subject to additional royalty fees to be paid by either Maker or Transferee. The Owner may not use any Mage in any online or offline forum that is, or could be considered to be, in conflict or competition with Maker’s online activities. As such, the Mage(s) cannot be used to develop or enhance any online or offline game unless usage in such forum is solely limited to the image of the Mage and is not used to enhance or change the Mage and the usage of the Mage does not provide any benefit to Owner other than recognition that Owner is associated with the Mage. Owner agrees that Maker is the sole entity that can determine if any usage will conflict with this Agreement and agrees to immediately cease and desist any usage in violation of this Agreement upon notification from Maker. If Owner does not desist, or indicates that Owner will not desist such activity, then Maker may consider this Agreement breached upon notification to Owner. Maker reserves the right to review usage of Mage(s) to ensure this Agreement is being followed. If Owner violates the terms of this Agreement, then usage and control of the Mage(s) under the control of Owner revert to Maker and Maker may retrieve or destroy them. Any product or information associated with the Avatar(s) must be either destroyed by Owner or transmitted to Maker, at Maker’s sole discretion.

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